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What was Russia like in 1991

14 Apr 2021, 20:54 GMT+10

The year marked perestroika and the last days of the USSR, giving the world a brand new country. The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic turned into the Russian Federation and got its first president, Boris Yeltsin.

Boris Yeltsin gives an interview

Peter Turnley/Getty Images

A line to a food store in Moscow

Alexander Makarov/Sputnik

A woman at a rally near Lenin mausoleum. The poster says 'Ilyich [Lenin], we are with you!'

Vladimir Semin/MAMM/MDF/

TV director and camerawoman Marina Goldovskaya filming on the streets


Meeting next to the White House in Moscow against the reactionary Soviet coup d'etat attempt, the so-called 'August Coup'

Alexander Abaza/MAMM/MDF/

One of the first LGBT meeting marking World AIDS Day

Andrei Solomonov/Sputnik

Barricades in Moscow during the 'August Coup'

Vladimir Sergienko/MAMM/MDF/

A cult TV show 'Field of Wonders' is still on air. Its first host Vladislav Listyev was killed later in the 1990s

Vitaly Savelyev/Sputnik

A hospital patient with Lenin's portrait as a tattoo

Vladimir Vorobiev/MAMM/MDF/

Festivities on Red Square

Vladimir Vyatkin/Sputnik

Orthodox Patriarch Alexei II in the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius

Vladimir Sergienko/MAMM/MDF/

Airborne troops

Vladimir Vyatkin/Sputnik

'Oka' produced by the KAMAZ car plant

Vladimir Akimov/Sputnik

A day in the life of an Arkhangelsk Region citizen

Andrei Solomonov/Sputnik

A heavy metal rock festival near Moscow

Alexander Polyakov/Sputnik

A Siberian beauty contest

Dmitry Korobeinikov/Sputnik

'Just married' on Red Square

Vladimir Fedorenko/Sputnik

A folk dance festival

Yury Somov/Sputnik


Andrei Solomonov/Sputnik

A demolished monument to KGB founder, Felix Dzerzhinsky

Alexander Polyakov/Sputnik

The St. Trinity Seraphim-Diveyevsky Monastery

Oleg Makarov/Sputnik

Zubovsky Square in Moscow

Vladimir Fedorenko/Sputnik

A sanatorium in Crimea

Viktor Chernov/Sputnik

A street musician in Moscow

Valery Shustov/Sputnik

Strolling around St. Petersburg

Sergey Kompanichenko/Sputnik

Young rockers in front of Lenin's monument

Vladimir Vyatkin/Sputnik

American artist Peter Max paints on Red Square

Vitaliy Saveliev/Sputnik

Restoration of the royal furniture in Gatchina Palace near Leningrad

Vsevolod Tarasevich/Sputnik

Orthodox Easter

Fred Ihrt/Getty Images

Happy New 1991 year!

Oleg Porokhovnikov/TASS

A pet market

Peter Turnley/Getty Images

Women selling souvenirs

Peter Turnley/Getty Images

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