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Debt ceiling stalemate hampers U.S. stock markets

Lola Evans
23 May 2023, 06:27 GMT+10

NEW YORK, New York - Industrial stocks continued to struggle Monday as a resolution on the debt ceiling failed to materialize. U.S. President Joe Biden was due to meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy shortly after the markets closed Monday, around 5:30pm.

"Investors are starting to get concerned about what's happening with the debt ceiling talks, but on the other hand, the economy still is pretty strong, the job market's really strong," Chris Zaccarelli, chief investment officer at Independent Advisor Alliance told CNBC Monday.

The Standard and Poor's 500 inched up 0.65 of a single point or 0.02 percent to close Monday at 4,192.63.

The Dow Jones industrials dropped 140.05 points or 0.42 percent to 33,286.58.

The tech-laden Nasdaq Composite gained 62.88 points or 0.50 percent to 12,720.78.

The Russell 2000 Index, represented by ^RUT, concluded at 1,795.46 points, reflecting a notable increase of 21.75 points or 1.23 percent. The small-cap index in the United States displayed strength, driven by positive corporate earnings and improved investor sentiment.

The NYSE Composite Index (DJ), denoted by ^NYA, concluded at 15,317.94 points, experiencing a minor decline of 6.38 points or 0.04 percent. The composite index reflected a relatively stable trading session in the U.S. markets.

The NYSE AMEX Composite Index, represented by ^XAX, closed at 3,963.41 points, showing a gain of 25.35 points or 0.64 percent. The index displayed resilience amid ongoing market fluctuations, driven by a diverse range of industries.

Market participants closely watched the CBOE Volatility Index, symbolized by ^VIX, which closed at 17.29, showing an increase of 0.48 points or 2.86 percent. The VIX, often referred to as the "fear index," indicated heightened market volatility as investors navigated uncertainties.

Foreign exchange markets experienced mixed movements as major currency pairs exhibited varied trends Monday. Traders closely monitored the fluctuations in currency exchange rates as economic indicators and geopolitical developments influenced market sentiment.

The Euro against the U.S. Dollar,finished the day around 1.0811, reflecting a slight increase of 0.06 percent . The Euro showed resilience as economic recovery efforts in the Eurozone continued to progress.

The Japanese Yen, ended around 138.59 Monday, recording a loss of 0.49 percent . The dollar strengthened against the Yen as investors sought safe-haven assets amidst lingering uncertainties, particularly around the U.S. debt ceiling.

The Canadian Dollar pairing, USDCAD closed at 1.3508, indicating a minor increase of 0.10 percent. The Canadian Dollar faced slight pressure against its American counterpart amid fluctuations in commodity prices.

The British Pound edged down 0.04 percent to 1.2433.

Meanwhile, the Swiss Franc, denoted by USDCHF, edged up 0.16 percent to 0.8978. The franc witnessed some appreciation against the dollar as market participants sought refuge in the Swiss currency.

The Australian Dollar ended around 0.6650, recording a slight increase of 0.07 percent.

The New Zealand Dollar firmed 0.18 percent to 0.6284.

Global stock markets experienced mixed outcomes Monday, with some indices recording gains while others faced minor losses. Investors closely monitored market movements as economic recovery efforts continued to shape trading patterns.

In London, the FTSE 100 concluded the day at 7,770.99, showing a modest increase of 14.12 points or 0.18 percent. The index demonstrated resilience amid ongoing uncertainties in the financial sector.

Meanwhile, Germany's DAX PERFORMANCE-INDEX, represented by the symbol ^GDAXI, closed at 16,223.99, marking a slight decline of 51.39 points or 0.32 percent. Investors reacted cautiously to fluctuating market dynamics.

The CAC 40, France's primary stock market index, denoted by ^FCHI, ended the day at 7,478.16 points, experiencing a marginal decrease of 13.80 points or 0.18 percent. Market participants took a cautious approach amid ongoing geopolitical concerns.

The Euronext 100 Index, represented by ^N100, closed at 1,378.99 points, showing a decrease of 1.63 points or 0.12 percent. Investors navigated market volatility influenced by a range of domestic and international factors.

Belgium's BEL 20, denoted by ^BFX, concluded at 3,736.57 points, recording a slight decline of 0.21 points or 0.01 percent. Market participants observed a relatively stable trading session.

In Russia, the MOEX Russia Index, represented by IMOEX.ME, closed at 2,222.51 points, reflecting a decrease of 4.14 points or 0.19 percent. Investors monitored geopolitical developments while assessing the impact on market sentiment.

In Canada, the S&P/TSX Composite Index, represented by ^GSPTSE, closed at 20,351.06, marking a modest increase of 53.96 points or 0.27 percent. The Canadian index demonstrated resilience amid global uncertainties and fluctuations in commodity prices.

In Brazil, the IBOVESPA Index, symbolized by ^BVSP, closed at 110,322.34 points, reflecting a decrease of 422.16 points or 0.38 percent. Investors in Brazil remained cautious amidst concerns over economic stability and political developments.

Mexico's IPC MEXICO index, denoted by ^MXX, concluded at 53,492.00 points, showcasing a decline of 804.05 points or 1.48 percent. Market participants reacted to domestic economic indicators and geopolitical factors, contributing to the index's movement.

The S&P/CLX IPSA Index, represented by ^IPSA, closed at 5,058.88 points, showing no significant change. The Chilean index displayed stability amid mixed market sentiments and cautious trading activity.

Moving to Asia, Japan's Nikkei 225, represented by ^N225, closed positively at 31,086.82, recording a gain of 278.47 points or 0.90 percent. Investor sentiment was buoyed by positive economic indicators and robust corporate earnings.

In Hong Kong, the HANG SENG INDEX, symbolized by ^HSI, concluded the day at 19,678.17 points, reflecting a notable increase of 227.60 points or 1.17 percent. The index witnessed a positive upswing as investors responded positively to stimulus measures.

China's SSE Composite Index, represented by 000001.SS, closed at 3,296.47, registering a modest gain of 12.93 points or 0.39 percent. Market participants remained cautiously optimistic amidst ongoing regulatory reforms.

Similarly, the Shenzhen Index, denoted by 399001.SZ, closed at 11,127.04, showcasing a slight increase of 35.68 points or 0.32 percent. Investors continued to monitor developments in the Chinese market closely.

Australia's S&P/ASX 200, represented by ^AXJO, concluded at 7,263.30 points, experiencing a minor decline of 16.20 points or 0.22 percent. Market participants exercised caution amid global economic uncertainties. Meantime the Australian ALL ORDINARIES index, represented by ^AORD, closed at 7,450.70 points, experiencing a minor decrease of 20.80 points or 0.28 percent. Investors maintained a cautious stance as economic recovery efforts continued.

In Singapore, the Straits Times Index, STI, concluded at 3,211.09 points, showing a gain of 8.50 points or 0.27 percent. The index showcased resilience amidst global market fluctuations.

India's S&P BSE SENSEX, symbolized by ^BSESN, closed at 61,963.68 points, recording a gain of 234.00 points or 0.38 percent. The index witnessed positive momentum driven by strong corporate performances and investor optimism. India's NIFTY 50 meantime, represented by ^NSEI, closed at 18,314.40 points, showing a gain of 111.00 points or 0.61 percent. The index experienced positive momentum driven by robust corporate earnings and investor confidence.

Indonesia's IDX COMPOSITE, denoted by ^JKSE, closed at 6,729.65 points, reflecting a gain of 29.09 points or 0.43 percent. Market participants responded positively to favorable economic indicators and improved investor sentiment.

In Malaysia, the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI, represented by ^KLSE, concluded at 1,419.00 points, indicating a minor decrease of 9.54 points or 0.67 percent. Investors adopted a cautious approach amid concerns over global economic stability.

New Zealand's S&P/NZX 50 INDEX GROSS, symbolized by ^NZ50, closed at 11,993.00 points, showing a slight decline of 106.74 points or 0.88 percent. Market participants assessed the impact of domestic and international factors on the index.

South Korea's KOSPI Composite Index, denoted by ^KS11, ended the day at 2,557.08 points, experiencing a gain of 19.29 points or 0.76 percent. The index demonstrated resilience amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions.

Taiwan's TSEC weighted index, represented by ^TWII, closed at 16,180.89 points, reflecting a marginal increase of 5.97 points or 0.04 percent. Market participants closely monitored global market trends for potential investment opportunities.

Elsewhere, Egypt's EGX 30 Price Return Index, denoted by ^CASE30, concluded at 16,764.40 points, marking a decrease of 96.50 points or 0.57 percent. Investors navigated market fluctuations influenced by various economic and political factors.

In South Africa, the Top 40 USD Net TRI Index, denoted by ^JN0U.JO, closed at 4,061.33, recording a gain of 32.59 points or 0.81 percent. The index showcased positive momentum as investors reacted positively to economic recovery efforts.

In Israel, the TA-125 Index, symbolized by ^TA125.TA, concluded at 1,802.05 points, experiencing a minor decline of 10.48 points or 0.58 percent. The index showcased cautious trading as investors assessed various economic and political factors.

Overall, global stock markets displayed mixed performances on Monday, with some indices recording gains while others faced minor losses. Market participants closely monitored economic indicators and geopolitical developments, exercising caution amid ongoing uncertainties in the global financial landscape including the stalemate surrounding the debt ceiling talks in Washington.

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